About us


12K MOTOR open from 10:00am – 4:00pm almost every day. (Appointment MUST required).

All enquire and Order update, please email us with your 4-digital order number.


If you don't know your order number, please tell us your name and order date.


Any questions about customized designs, simply email us for friendly and professional advice.(Please attach detail photos)

Email: sales@12kgroup.com


0422697324 (Urgent enquire ONLY)

Warehouses and Workshops Locate at SYDNEY AUSTRALIA and GUANGDONG CHINA.

Our company is established at 2013, which is also registered as a legal company at Australia.



Installation fairings


Manufacturing and painting fairings.

Established and operated by a group of motorcycle riders since 2013.

We start selling fairings because we always crash our own motorcycles and fairings at Old Pacific highway, Royal National Park and Eastern Creek.

We know a lot of riders need affordable fairings after they crash their own fairings.

We can guarantee that we are the ones who know motorcycle fairings best.


Our main factory and workshop based at GUANGDONG China;

It is our own workshop. That is why we can quickly get your order updated or any adjustment for your ordered fairings.

You can even ask us any questions about fairings installation or any issues about motorcycles.

Our Sydney workshop do fairings installation, motorcycle repair and services as well.

We can also help you to find the affordable second hand OEM parts for you after your fairings order.

We will always give you the best suggestions and tips.