Z1000 2010-2013

12K Motor Motorcycle Fairings - Kawasaki Z1000 fairings

12K motor provide the best quality Kawasaki z1000 fairing. Our Kawasaki z1000 fairing kit is coming from our factory in China. We also provide fast delivery service in Australia with limited stocks that include 2004 Kawasaki z1000 fairing, 2007 Kawasaki z1000 fairing and 2012 Kawasaki z1000 fairing,


Ninja Fairings

All of our KAWASAKI Z1000 fairings 2010-2013 motorcycle motorbike fairing kits come with complete set of fairing panels and parts‚ painted & decal same as per photo shown, to rejuvenate your motorbike.

KAWASAKI Z1000 fairings 2010-2013 motorbike fairing set comes with front mudguard, front upper fairing, left and right sides including belly pan or lower side panels, full rear duck tail fairing parts.

Some of Kawasaki fairing kit including tank cover and rear seat cowl as well to match the whole motorbike fairing design.