12K Motor Order Process

Street Fairings and Race Fairings

AU STOCKING will be shipped from Sydney warehouse, backordered fairing kits will be shipped direct from our oversea workshop.

Backorder Fairing kit process:(No Au-stocking in title)

  1. Order submitted and all details confirmed.
  2. Starting painting process around 2-3 weeks.(Pressure moulding fairings, Painted Racing Fairings and customized designs require extra time)
  1. Sending you photos of finished Products.
  2. Waiting for your confirmation and approval for shipping.
  3. Update tracking number with you after we post the item.
  4. Delivery time normally around 5-15 working days depending on your location. Australia will be 5-10 business days after ship out. 


Carbon Fiber Fairings, Headlights and brackets will be shipped from Sydney warehouse, if we out of stock we will ship from oversea main factory, but it only take few more days. 


Please email us if you have any further questions.