12K Motor Products Benefits

Quality, Fitment and Service.

Note: 12K Motor is not a authorized dealer from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati or BMW. All of our products are Aftermarket not OEM.


12K Motor try to provide most affordable and quality guaranteed aftermarket fairings.

We care about DETAILS!

Difference between us with other fairings.

  1. Paint quality guaranteed. We try to match color as much as we can.

We running our own paint workshop. We control our painting quality and color. We have many color code and samples try to match the color for your original fairings or fuel tank color.

As we know, most other companies doing DROP SHIPPING business for aftermarket fairings.

Quality: We can beat any other seller's aftermarket fairing

  1. We send you finish fairings’ photos for your approval before we post the item.

Double check if the items are what you ordered and expected

  1. We are more reasonable and affordable price for aftermarket fairings.
  1. We send with 3 gifts FOR FREE
  • Windscreen (Black or clear)
  • Spare fairing bolts (Tips: Use your original bolts if you still have them)
  • Heat Shield (Cut and attach them by yourself)

WHY we can beat other sellers on QUALITY! 

As we mentioned before, all fairings are basically made by same material and supplied by same company.(See my article-Truth of aftermarket fairings)

First of all, We running our own paint shop. Not DROP SHIPPING

Preparation and primer: 2 times primer coating.

Paint inside of fairings: Yes! we spray inside of fairing parts that visable after installation.

Base color coating: 2-3 times Base and secondary color coating, then UV light drying

Applying Graphics & Decals: We use pre-cut graphics and decals, so we won’t cut the base color paint.

Clear Coat: We use 2 pack clear coat. We apply 2-3 generous coats to ensure adequate protection and a brilliant shine for Gloss clear coat.  and one thin Satin/Matt clear coat. Then UV light drying process.

Take photos and surface double check: We double check every single fairing surface before we wrap and put them in the box. We might buff or polish the fairings if they are not perfect.

Packaging: We only use top quality box, carefully wrap every single fairing part. also we apply extra protection on box corners.