BMW S1000RR 2019 2020 2021 100% Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger Mud Chain GuardFender

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2019 - 2021 BMW S1000RR Carbon Fiber Parts (Rear Hugger Mud Chain Guard Fender)

12K Motor offers high-quality 2019 - 2021 BMW S1000RR Carbon Fiber Parts with rear hugger mud chain guard fender for excellent customer satisfaction. We are keeping a large inventory of 2019 - 2021 BMW S1000RR Carbon Fiber Parts with rear hugger mud chain guard fender in Australia with various models.

We can also produce carbon fiber products of older models within a few weeks. We offer many variations of compositions and colors that can be ordered through our online platform. 12K Motor also supports personalized design and customization requirements based on our customer's requests.

Many customers who visit our website for the first time may consider the quality of carbon fiber parts produced in different compositions. However, we can promise that all the designed carbon fiber parts of the motorcycle are considered the highest level of quality evaluation and testing.

Many customers who visit our site for the first time are usually unaware that carbon fiber parts can be produced in different compositions. However, we pride ourselves on bringing products that meet the highest quality standards to market.

Our tabs at the top of the page disclose all the relevant details that may help with your purchasing decision. We also 100% guarantee customer satisfaction, warranty our products for fitment and finish, and strive to give the highest level of customer service.  

Compatible Vehicles

AUM_Make AUM_Model AUM_Power AUM_Submodel Year
BMW S 152 S 1000 RR (2R99) 2021
BMW S 146 S 1000 RR 2021
BMW S 152 S 1000 RR (2R99) 2020
BMW S 146 S 1000 RR 2020
BMW S 152 S 1000 RR (2R99) 2019
BMW S 146 S 1000 RR 2019

Advantages of carbon fiber motorcycle accessories

Carbon fiber motorcycle accessories are a high-performance structural material, known as a new type of material, and are widely used in many fields. In addition to cars, motorcycles are also the most commonly used travel tools for young people. With the increase in requirements for motorcycles, carbon fiber is gradually used to make motorcycle accessories.

After carbon fiber is used in the field of motorcycles, the significant advantage brought about is the lightweight of motorcycles, which can directly affect the improvement of energy saving, acceleration and braking performance. Generally speaking, the weight of the vehicle is reduced by 10%, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 6% or even 8%, reducing energy consumption and increasing cruising range. The carbon fiber motorcycle accessories material has a good energy absorption rate, which further ensures the safety of the motorcycle.

Different from other structural materials, carbon fiber has a very strong designability, and can flexibly design products according to different application requirements to meet the requirements of use. In the actual application process, carbon fiber motorcycle parts are lighter materials for the manufacture of main structural parts such as body and chassis, and carbon fiber materials are also used in brake pads. Due to the high cost of carbon fiber materials, it is mainly used in racing cars and some relatively good cars.

Premium Quality Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Parts

All 12K MOTOR carbon fiber parts are made with an Autoclave process. It uses the highest quality carbon fiber fabric from Japan.

Cures at 400 degrees and a pressure of 5Kg/cm. One of the most advanced techniques for making composite components is using PrePreg carbon fiber reinforcement. The cured is under heat and pressure to produce professional parts with a high-quality surface finish: the low resin content and excellent structural performance for your motorcycle.

  • UV protective coating and hand-polished to a perfect finish.
  • Maximum strength and durability.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Most of our products are direct bolt-on replacements of OEM parts.
  • Lighter and more robust than the original plastic parts
  • Three months limited warranty, unless the product is drilled, scratched, painted, or altered in any way