---AU STOCKING--- FIAMM Fairing Kit for BMW S1000RR 2009-2014

---AU STOCKING--- FIAMM Fairing Kit for BMW S1000RR 2009-2014

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BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 2009 - 2014


Make: BMW
Model: S1000RR
Year: 2009-2014


  • Full Fairing Kit Panels
  • Free Bolts Set (Spare fairing bolts only)
  • Windscreen
  • Heat Shield

Remember that there is no logo or other identifying marker on the tank's inside. One can apply for a serial number after purchasing a fairing kit.

Top-Rated Fairing Kits produced from Injection-molded ABS. As a direct replacement, it can be used in place of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.

Custom 2009-2014 BMW S1000RR Fairings in white, black, and red. There is a 2009-2014 Fairing Kit in both blue and white.

In the manufacturing process, ABS plastic injection mouldings are utilised. The fairings are now available in three different colour options.

The buyer won't have to do additional drilling to make them fit either, as their hole designs are compatible with the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) (OEM).

12K Motor Motorcycle Fairings


Our BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 2009-2014 Blue and White Fairing Set will make your motorcycle look straight from the assembly line.

It derives its name, "tricolour set," because it contains three distinct colour schemes. The 2009-2014 BMW S1000RR Blue and White Fairing Kit is a stunning addition to your bike's new appearance.

The decision was made to omit the motorcycle's mudguard, front fairing, left and right side panels, and rear duck tail fairing.

An action plan has been implemented as a direct result of the decision. If you require a more extensive set, you can purchase more pieces.

The BMW motorcycle fairing kit includes a gas tank shield and a rear seat cowl as optional extras.

Due to the skilful assembly, the front of the motorcycle consists of a single, solid piece.

BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 01BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 02

Often included in motorcycle fairing kits are filler panels, also known as inner panels. These flat, black plastic panels are designed to fit within a motorcycle.

If you are successful, the event will exude elegance and professionalism. Instead of repairing the plastic fairing on your motorcycle, get a replacement.

In addition to the fairing, heat shield, and your choice of a clear or black windscreen, our BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 2009-2014 Blue and White Fairing Kit Set also includes the bolts required to attach the fairing to your motorbike.

Any OEM-compatible product can be returned for a full refund within 30 days after purchase. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone if you have any questions regarding the panels or components of the bicycle you are considering purchasing from us.

BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 03BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 94BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 05BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 06

Production Process and Time

The availability of the BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 2009-2014 Blue and White Fairing Kit is dynamically updated on the product page.

This is precisely what will occur if backups are maintained current. Our fairings are both manufactured in China and Australia.

We design and produce most of the aftermarket BMW 12k motor fairing kits and accessories we sell to serve our customers better.

Currently, we receive enquiries and feedback from customers around the globe. We cannot provide every potential aftermarket fairing kit design due to the vast diversity of Triumph motorcycle fairings spanning manufacturing years, styles, and colours.

Please accept our heartfelt apologies for any trouble this may create. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

We understand that any inconvenience caused is unintended. Due to their legal position, TwelveKmotor.com.au can sell their customers Hondas, Yamahas, Suzukis, Kawasakis, Ducatis, and even BMWs.

Our business does not sell brand-new computers but rather updates to existing devices. This 12K MOTOR Road Fairings Set will make your vehicle appear like it just rolled off the assembly line (or Street Fairing Kit).

In addition to its popular name, this set of hand tools is also referred to as: (ABS Plastic Material).

A "Race Fairing Kit" is a collection of fibreglass bodywork intended for racing. The original equipment manufacturer is the abbreviation applicable in this instance. 

Several firms, including Monster, Repsol, Shark, Rossi, Camel, West, Tricolor, Red Bull, Ninja, Lucky Strike, and Rizala, have utilised our fairings.

Monster, Repsol, Shark, Rossi, Camel's, and West team fairings are displayed. Rossi and camel fairings are the two most common alternatives. 

Included among the available fairings are the Toy, Monster, Repsol, shark, and Rossi. After everything has been resolved with 12k Motor Shop, we will inform you. 

We can begin processing your purchase once payment has been received.

Before painting, motorcycle fairings must be prepared in a particular manner. Several aspects will be taken into account during the production schedule's creation, including:

  • Please be as descriptive as possible when requesting questions. Stickers are less effective than graphics, decals, and clear lacquer in enhancing the appearance and durability of your fairing package.
  • Before removing your motorcycle's fairings, it's a good idea to photograph them.
  • We will go above and beyond to ensure that your order is exactly what you desire, down to the last detail of fabric, size, and colour.
  • Our relationship with you is essential to our success.
  • Thus, you can rely on us to give superior service.


A conventional aftermarket fairing design typically takes one to ten days to build.

The emphasis on speed in a race-fairing kit's design makes its assembly more time-consuming than that of a standard kit.

In this regard, whether the kit is built of fibreglass or some other substance makes little difference.

The colour or design of a product can be adjusted even if mass production has already begun.

We could do much more around the house if we had more time.

We can send you photos of the completed fairings via email if your design is complex or one of a kind.

BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 07Triumph Daytona 675 OEM Fairings kit 05HONDA CBR600RR FAIRING TAIL PART

Color Matching

Your 12k motorcycle's engine is a different hue than the fairings and gasoline tank (OEM). 

Consider how the product's age, undercoat and fairing layers, and paint have changed and worn over time.

If you delivered a tiny sample of the original part to our warehouse and workshop in Sydney, Australia, I would be pleased to attempt a colour match. 

If all goes according to plan, the journey to Oz will shortly commence. We will attempt to match your desired colour for $50–$80, but we cannot guarantee perfection.

Costs could range between $50 and $80. Please provide high-resolution photographs of an OEM fairing in addition to your submission. We can free up several hours in our calendar.

The "Original Equipment Manufacturer" (OEM) is the first company to produce a specific model (or "OEM" for short).

Depending on the information you provide, such as photographs, the 12k engine can be used to determine a paint colour that closely matches the colour of your motorcycle's fairing kit.

For this to operate, the proper colour mix is essential. If you don't have a perfect colour swatch, don't worry; we'll do our best to match the one you supply.

Another item we'll let you know about is how effectively the new fairing kit compliments the current paint job on your motorcycle.

Fairings for motorcycles can be factory-standard or customised to the rider's desires. 

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer." The two coats of paint may initially appear identical. A deeper examination, however, reveals a tiny but crucial distinction.

Purchasing a brand-new, independently constructed model (or fuel tank) is the most secure option (Or fuel tank).

To save time and effort, you can purchase a gas tank that matches the colour scheme of our fairing kit rather than painting the factory tank to match.

This avoids the need for the gas tank to be repainted. Painting the gas tank is a time-wasting task that can be avoided.

Following these suggestions will save you a tonne of money on your monthly energy costs.

Please do not attempt to apply the responses of others to the problem I have given.

The cost of tank refinishing in Australia can range from AU$ 250 (about $355) to AU$ 400 (approximately $600), depending on the tank's dimensions.

Providing an exact colour match for less money and in less time is possible.

Free gas tank stickers are included with purchasing any of our aftermarket fairing kits.


12K MOTOR-Quality Guaranteed Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairing Kits

Because 12K Motor Fairings relies mainly on the aftermarket, the continual supply of high-quality ABS injection moulding is essential.

We developed a novel and improved injection technique. Our moulding capabilities and fast access to the finest ABS plastic in the world enable us to provide an unrivalled fairing kit.

Our kits are the industry standard since they are ready to install without further drilling or preparation.

Our modern motorcycle fairing designs are as simple to install as the classics.


There may not be immediate consequences, but installing and removing aftermarket fairings needs considerable effort.

For effectively removing the old fairings, the installation sequence of the bolts, the location of the holes in the old panel, and the method for removing and replacing the clips and rubbers are critical.

Considering all of this, removing the old fairings should be a straightforward operation. If you apply this level of effort to everything, you will succeed. This must be comprehended thoroughly.

While there are plenty of middlemen in the motorcycle market, we can distinguish ourselves due to our commitment to the sport and considerable experience riding and repairing motorcycles.

We've been providing high-quality Australian motorcycle fairing adhesive for a long time, so there's no need to worry about the product's quality.

Now that aftermarket fairing components are readily available, custom motorcycle manufacturers have access to a more extensive range of hues.

We put numerous miles on each vehicle to accurately portray its capabilities. We guarantee that our automobile fairing kit will be the best-fitting alternative for your vehicle. 

When two people get along, they frequently discuss long road trips and fast motorcycles. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement components should be used if possible. 

If you desire dependable performance from your motorcycle, you must use OEM components. There are bolts and a few additional black patches within the fairing.

Due to the peculiar design of this motorbike, you may require assistance mounting the fairing.

Before installing the new fairing, verify that the motorcycle's attachment points are undamaged and in the correct locations.

The collision or fall rendered the car inoperable by destroying its subframes and mounting points.

Flight tests demonstrated that the fairing kit could be installed successfully, albeit with considerable difficulty.

Please get in touch with us immediately and include any pertinent photos if there is a problem with the item's fit.

Even if you have never ridden a bicycle, placing it on its seat is safe.

BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 08BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 09BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 10BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 11BMW S1000RR Race Fairings 12BMW S1000RR Race Fairings 13BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 14BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 15BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 16BMW S1000RR Custom Fairings 17

Minimal money spent to get a new hot bike, what are you waiting for?

Add this to your shopping cart now and continue to browse other variations. Save your time to come back to find it again. If you want more time to consider, just simply save them in cart until you decide to go ahead.

We look forward to seeing your photos showing our fairing kits on your motorcycle.

Review the customer feedback about our motorcycle fairings. Please Contact us sales@12kgroup.com. 

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