---AU STOCKING---Fit Honda CBR1000RR 2004 2005 Matt Black Fairing Kit

---AU STOCKING---Fit Honda CBR1000RR 2004 2005 Matt Black Fairing Kit

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2004 - 2005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing


Make: Honda
Model: CBR1000RR
Year: 2004-2005


  • Full Fairing Kit Panels
  • Free Bolts Set (Spare fairing bolts only)
  • Windscreen
  • Heat Shield

This Package Contains Honda CBR1000RR Fairings for the 2004 and 2005 Model Years as one of its Components. 

Every Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle was equipped with anti-lock brakes and matte black fairing as standard equipment.

Following the installation of the brake systems, the fairings were adjusted to match the updated appearance of the car. 

This upgrade to the CBR1000RR's bodywork represents a considerable improvement.

The vast majority of components of fairing kits are manufactured by injecting ABS plastic into a mould. 

While wearing these garments, you have nearly a limitless number of colour combinations to choose from (injection moulded).

Original equipment makers frequently use pre-cut holes to eliminate human labour in a cost- and time-efficient manner (OEMs).

Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM for short, refers to a corporation that produces and markets its proprietary goods brands. 

OEM is an abbreviation for the word Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEA).

These businesses are responsible for developing some of the most innovative products available for purchase today (OEMs).

Several factors impact whether something is comfortable, including its length, cut, ability to prevent chafing, and fit.

The outcome is that the individual wearing it will experience overall discomfort. Honda produced Matt Black Fairing Kits for the CBR1000RR in 2004 and 2005.

12K Motor Motorcycle Fairings


If you already own the Repsol Fairing Kit for your 2004–2005 Honda CBR1000RR, this Honda 12K Fairing Kit will fit without any alterations.

I intend to ride the bicycle consistent with the designer's vision for how future riders will utilise it.

You are free to select the alternative if it meets your needs better. There are numerous possible outcomes, some making more sense than others. 

There are many potential outcomes. There are numerous options accessible. The 2008-2011 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Fairing Package effectively replaces the original rear ducktail on the motorcycle.

These freshly designed skins include their branding for your convenience. You may also purchase the components of this package separately if you determine that doing so will better satisfy your needs.

A credit card or PayPal account is necessary to pre-order motorcycle accessories such as saddlebags, wheels, and other equipment.

Yet, the financial benefits of purchasing both simultaneously surpass the associated expenditures.

The fairings of a Honda CBR1000RR are comprised of the screen, the fuel tank cover, and the seat cowl.

The word "fairing" can relate to various diverse notions depending on the context in which it is used.

To gain access to your motorcycle's engine, the fairing, if present, must be removed.

2005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 012011 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Repsol Fairing Kit 022005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 02

After purchasing one of our motorbike fairing kits, some of our clients have discovered that they require additional black plastic panels or small infill panels. 

These panels might be small or large. It is pretty uncommon for such events to occur with such frequency. 

Our customers were consistently required to deal with this issue. In recent decades, plastic has supplanted metal as the preferred material for producing motorcycle fairings.

These plastic variations are intended to outlast their metal relatives and are simple to fix if damaged. 

The windscreen and heat shield included as standard equipment on brand-new Kawasaki motorcycles is already installed.

The structure's façade will be cosier and more inviting when the front windows have been painted. We promise that all Original components, no matter how common or uncommon, are compatible with our products.

Please contact us at the following e-mail address if you have any questions, feedback, or compliments on the solar panels and bicycle components we are currently selling.

2005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 032005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 042005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 05

2005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 06

Methods of Production and the Amounts of Time Allotted

Adding a decal kit such as the 2004-2005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing is one of our steps to boost the customised motorcycle's overall visual appeal.

One of our other clients conceptualised and produced these one-of-a-kind fairings for a Honda CBR1000RR and an MC22.

The vehicle's engine is merely one of its numerous selling points; it can produce up to 12,000 horsepower.

Fairings for Honda CBR1000RR motorcycles are available online from various retailers, including large and small enterprises. A vast assortment of fairings is available, both in terms of colour and style.

This set was designed to be fully compatible and interchangeable with factory fairings manufactured by various manufacturers. 

It is compatible with each of these fairings. Due to the finite combinatorial space that may be examined, the number of possible outcomes is limited.

Over the years, many businesses have been given production permits. Represented brands include Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Ducati.

Historically, most of the bicycle manufacturing industry's market share has been held by enterprises easily accessible to the general public.

Many product lines focus primarily on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts (OEM).

The ABS plastic components included in the 12K MOTOR bumper kit can be utilised to assemble an ABS braking system.

You need not worry about missing any ordered things because they will all be shipped to you immediately (ABS Plastic Material).

Fibreglass is commonly used in the production of racing bodywork, also known as Track Fairing Kits, due to the material's low weight and exceptional durability (Track Fairing Kits).

Our fairings are among the best in the market, as demonstrated by the fact that Rossi, Monster, and Repsol all utilise them.

You have made a compelling case for why motorcycle fairings built locally by small enterprises such as mom-and-pop shops are superior to those mass-produced in other nations.

Each rider receives fairings created individually for their bikes. New entries to this category will be evaluated following the given criteria. After 12kmotors.com has received your payment in full and on time, we will immediately begin processing your order.

When the following factors are considered, it is possible to get a reasonable estimate of the amount of time required for each stage of production:

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, recommendations, or concerns.

Drop me a message if you're interested in conversing. 

Before a motorcycle may be lawfully operated on public roads, the fairings must be primed and painted according to the manufacturer's specifications.

  • From that point, you can utilise it, however you see fit. 
  • Respect is, therefore, an absolute must. This ongoing endeavour requires undivided focus because there are limited resources accessible.
  • Possessing fair expectations before your first encounter with a new company will allow you to maximise the experience.
  • Laminated stickers are preferable to non-laminated ones because they are more resistant to fading and maintain their crisp edges and glossy sheen for longer.
  • Stickers that have been laminated will have a longer lifespan and a more professional appearance than those that have not.
  • Please take photographs of the fairings before retrieving your motorcycle from winter storage in the spring.
  • Extra research is necessary as the optimal panel density has yet to be determined.
  • Everyone who swore they would attend your function despite the severe weather would arrive late.


Extra services for fairings

Following placing an order and receipt of payment, the turnaround time for aftermarket fairing is generally between seven and ten days.

The installation of carbon fibre or fibreglass fairing kits is more labour-intensive than the installation of aluminium fairing kits, but the benefits warrant additional effort.

When it comes to their hobby, this is one of the most aggravating issues many people must deal with.

It was inconvenient that you changed the project's primary colour palette and layout after we had already begun working on it.

After we complete the present project, we can make any extra modifications you require.

The manufacturer has glued an image of the completed fairing to the opposite side of the packaging.



Having complementary hues

Not only does the manufacturer place a premium on the structural strength of the fairing panels and fuel tanks, but also on their cosmetic beauty.

This pattern of conduct is ubiquitous in a wide range of circumstances. The paint is flaking off the fairings, and the layer beneath appears thin.

In the third development phase, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware is evaluated (OEM).

Consider for a second that you were purchasing a brand-new motorcycle and had the option to select the colour of the fairing.

Send us a sample of your product if you'd want us to evaluate it at our headquarters in Sydney, Australia, or elsewhere in the country. 

We would be pleased to assist in preparing the sample for testing as promptly as possible, as this is one of our top priorities.

If this situation arises, we request that you contact us. The required swatch can be collected with equal success from either of these two sites.

The price could range from fifty to eighty dollars, depending on how well the colours complement one another.

We will likely locate an additional copy of the paper if we combine our efforts and resources.

The current count is still relatively high, even if there are more vulnerable displays than initially stated.

I have faith that we will be able to collaborate effectively, but before we move further, I want to have this faith confirmed.

We can only make educated estimations as to the exact colour of the fairing on your motorcycle due to the constraints imposed on us by the situation.

We apologise if this has caused you any difficulty. 12k Motor will estimate the colour match of the custom motorcycle fairing assembly for your order based on your provided information.

The precision of this estimate will be directly proportional to the compatibility of the colours. 12k Motor reached this conclusion after extensive research on the achievable level of colour fidelity.

Considering what 12k Motor is capable of and what it knows, the price being sought is acceptable.

The degree to which 12k Motor was confident in its capacity to reproduce the colour accurately was the most significant factor considered when selecting this rating.

The significance of the colours as a whole will be considered as a criterion for quality control. While choosing a paint scheme for the fairing, it is essential to examine the overall colour scheme of your motorcycle.

Try not to panic too much whenever you hear something disturbing because it is unlikely that something genuinely terrible would occur due to what you heard.

Several commentators were frustrated by their challenges when using OEM Motor fairing kits with 12k motors. After performing research, I realised that in addition to this product, consumers could access another alternative. 

No restrictions exist on which factory original Motor can be utilised with the 12k fairing package (Or fuel tanks).

Our fairing kit always makes a bold statement, regardless of whether it is paired with standard components or a corresponding gas tank.

It is challenging to refute the presence of such a fact. Any possible response or strategy is interesting in and of itself, regardless of how it could be accomplished.

There are only a few defective items among these possibilities; they are all of the highest calibre. If you want to be successful, you must carefully consider your options before deciding on one.

When you purchase fairing components directly from the manufacturer, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality product (OEM).

In Australia, a leaking gas tank can cost between $292 (or AUD$ 400) and $35 (or AU$ 250), with an average cost of $35. 

Costs range from $292 (or AU$ 400) to $35 (or AU$ 250). The difference between the lowest and highest possible prices is substantial. 

The following monetary values are all denoted in Australian dollars. Despite this, the average expenditure is close to $300.

The authors could present such comprehensive information since various print and colour options were readily available.

The following narrative provides additional detail on everything that occurred until that point.

The cost of the technician's time will always be included in the total price of the gas tank repair. 

The best indicator of a plan's effectiveness is the amount of money that may be saved directly from its implementation.

These stickers are available in a variety of designs, allowing you to customise the look of your newly installed aftermarket fairing system in a manner that is uniquely yours.



12K MOTOR-Quality Guaranteed Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairing Kits

Each of the twelve replacement Kine Motor Fairings is constructed from injection-moulded ABS plastic.

This fairing kit has effectively captured a substantial section of the market due to the superb ABS and injection moulding manufactured by a reputable manufacturer (injection moulding and high-quality ABS from a dependable vendor).

You may assume you have a solid grasp on how each kit is put together, but the exceptional quality of the individual components will continue to surprise you.

Any damaged coverings, whether from wear or breaking, should be replaced with brand-new, exact alternatives.


Even though we were aware of how difficult it would be to install the aftermarket fairings, we still decided to acquire them.

Before you can even contemplate prospective solutions, you must commit to memory the sequence in which the screws should be put, as well as the replacement procedures for the clip and the rubber.

This may result in substantial cost reductions. As a result, you will be able to provide a faultless performance.

Constant vigilance is required since haphazardly applying newly obtained knowledge might have catastrophic results.

Due to our production and sales success, we are an easy target for competitors to imitate. 

Riding around on the back of a motorcycle and soaking in the views of your immediate surroundings and those further away are exhilarating.

This post will explain establishing and maintaining a physical fitness routine. A wide variety of styles, colours, and materials are available for protective covers, sometimes known as fairings.

Even if your motorcycle is a different model than the one the fairing was designed for, you can still purchase one.

Each custom fairing kit is subjected to a battery of testing to ensure it can give the claimed benefits.

If you present yourself as a respectable motorcycle club, you can negotiate a discount on their equipment. 

This increases your likelihood of success. When recovering a fairing, the black hardware and screws that were attached initially must be used.

Specific bicycle fairing kits may require substantially more time and effort to install than others due to their unique structure. 

Before the fairing can be attached to the motorcycle, the subframes and mounting points must be inspected for signs of strain and wear.

In most instances, a fairing kit is not required in this circumstance. This eliminates that notion as a realistic option at this time. 

If you wish to update to the most recent version of the programme but require assistance configuring your operating system, please get in touch with us.

If you want the fairing to last as long as possible, refrain from pressing it into place. The outcome will undoubtedly be perfect in terms of sizing factors.

2005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 082005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 092005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 102005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 112011 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Gloss Black Fairing 122005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 132011 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Repsol Fairing Kit 142011 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Repsol Fairing Kit 152005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 162005 Honda CBR1000RR Fairing Kits Matt Black Fairing 17


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