KTM RC8 Fiberglass Race Fairing Track Fairing

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KTM RC8 Fiber Glass Race / Track Fairing Kit

Track / Race Fairing Kit Glass Fiber Fairing Set Bodywork Compatible With

  • KTM RC8

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Product Details:

  1. Fiber glass manufactured.
  2. Carbon reinforcement in the stressed areas.
  3. Unpainted surface is raw material(Slightly marks or scratches are normal )
  4. Painting will fix surface issues and required before use.

KTM RC8 Glass Race / Track Fairing Kit Contains: 

  1. Front Fender
  2. Upper Body
  1. Lower Body
  2. Race Tail

Accessory Set Contains:

  1. Windscreen (Black or Clear as your choice)
  2. Windscreen Bolts Color Choice (Black/Silver/Gold/Blue/Red)
  3. Seat Foam (Precut (1.5 or 2.0 cm think)  Or Square (34x34 CM -1.5 or 2.0 cm thick)
  4. 3 Different Design Choices (8 x Fairing Fasteners)

Please let us know your choices for accessories or we will send black windscreen bolts with pre-cut 1.5 cm seat foam and C Fasteners because they are most popular.

Please Email Us Designs & Requests If You Require Painting Service. Photos of sample color and stickers must be attached.

Pre-drilled Holes
12K MOTOR Race Fairings do not come with pre-drilled holes. Mount points on the fairings do have recesses in the mold where the holes need to be drilled, but these recessed areas are slightly larger than the hole size to allow a bit of flexibility for ease of fitting.
Please note: Although 12K MOTOR faring kits come complete with quick fasteners, the original factory frame bolts must be used wherever the fairing is mounted to the frame of the motorcycle.