Elevate Your Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) with Our Monster Fairing Kit - 12K MOTOR

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Elevate Your Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) with Our Monster Fairing Kit - 12K MOTOR




If you are a proud owner of a Yamaha R6 from 2008 to 2016, you know that this iconic sportbike deserves nothing but the best. Your Yamaha R6 is not just a motorcycle; it is a statement, a reflection of your passion for riding, and an embodiment of speed and style. To take your R6 to the next level, consider upgrading it with a Monster Fairing Kit from 12K MOTOR. This blog will explore why our fairing kits are the perfect choice for your Yamaha R6, how they are made, and the benefits of choosing 12K MOTOR for your motorcycle upgrade.


Why Choose 12K MOTOR?


When it comes to enhancing the look and performance of your Yamaha R6, choosing the fitting fairing kit is crucial. At 12K MOTOR, we understand the unique needs of motorcycle enthusiasts, and we are dedicated to providing top-quality fairing kits that meet and exceed your expectations. Here is why you should consider our Monster Fairing Kit for your Yamaha R6:


Premium Quality ABS Plastic:

Our fairing kits are constructed using Injection Molding technology, ensuring premium quality and durability. We use ultra-virgin imported ABS plastic in manufacturing, making our fairings stand out in terms of strength and resilience. With 12K MOTOR, you are getting a fairing kit built to last, capable of withstanding the rigours of the road.


Precision OEM Perfect Fitment:

Are we worried about compatibility and fitment issues? Do not be. Our Monster Fairing Kit is pre-drilled for precision OEM perfect fitment, guaranteeing a seamless and hassle-free installation. We understand that fitment is crucial, and we take pride in providing fairings that match your bike as they come straight from the factory.


Comprehensive Fairing Kit:

When you choose 12K MOTOR, you are not just getting a few fairing panels. Our Monster Fairing Kit for the Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) includes 24 pieces, ensuring you have everything you need for a complete transformation. We have got you covered from front mudguards to rear ducktail fairing parts.


Wide Range of Designs:

We offer a wide variety of designs for your Yamaha R6 fairing kit. If you cannot find a design that suits your style, no worries – email us at sales@12kgroup.com, and we can create a custom design just for you. With 12K MOTOR, the endless possibilities allow you to personalize your ride to your heart's content.


Industry-Leading Fitment Guarantee:

We stand behind the fitment of our fairing kits with one of the industry's best guarantees. When you choose 12K MOTOR, you can ride confidently, knowing that your fairings will fit perfectly, enhancing your bike's aesthetics and aerodynamics.


The Production Process


Our commitment to quality continues beyond design and fitment. We take you behind the scenes to understand the meticulous production process that goes into crafting your Monster Fairing Kit:


Order Processing:

We swing into action once you place your order with 12K MOTOR. We start processing your order as soon as payment is cleared, ensuring that your fairing kit reaches you quickly.


Preparations and Painting:

Before your fairings are painted, they undergo thorough preparations, including surface cleaning and priming. We pay attention to even the most minor details, ensuring your fairings look flawless inside and out.


Graphic Application:

Graphics, decals, and a clear coat are applied to your fairings to give them a durable finish that looks great and withstands the elements. We take pride in our attention to detail during this crucial step.


Quality Check:

We do not compromise on quality. Each fairing panel is rigorously checked and inspected to meet our high standards. We take photographs of your fairings to ensure they are in perfect condition before packing.


Packing and Shipping:

Your fairings are packed with care to ensure they reach you in pristine condition. We take every precaution to prevent damage during shipping, ensuring your order arrives ready for installation.

Fairings Color Matching


At 12K MOTOR, we understand the importance of colour matching. While we try to match colours based on photos or our experience, we know some riders have a keen eye for detail. If you cannot tolerate slight colour differences between our fairing kits and your OEM parts, we recommend painting your fuel tank to match our fairing kit's colour. This ensures a seamless and uniform look for your bike.


In Australia, repainting an undamaged fuel tank costs around $250 to $400, depending on the colour and paint shop. It is a worthwhile investment to achieve that perfect colour match. When you order our aftermarket fairing kit, we can supply fuel tank stickers free of charge to assist you in achieving a uniform look.


Extra Services for Fairings


At 12K MOTOR, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Here are some additional services we offer for your fairing kits:



Are you looking to upgrade your Honda CBR600RR? We offer fairing kits for this popular model, ensuring you can personalize your ride to your heart's content.


Fairings Color Matching:

We make every effort to match colours based on your preferences and photos. We aim to ensure your fairing kit complements your bike's original colour scheme.

Our Quality Guarantee


When you choose 12K MOTOR for your Monster Fairing Kit, you select a product backed by a commitment to quality and performance. Our fairings are made using premium aftermarket ABS Injection Molding technology, ensuring durability and a perfect fit. We guarantee that our fairings require no alterations or drilling – they slip onto your bike just as your OEM fairings did.

Our team at 12K MOTOR consists of motorcycle enthusiasts and mechanics with years of experience. We have fitted and tested our aftermarket fairing kits on various motorcycle models and understand the intricacies of motorcycle design and fitment. When you buy from us, you are not just getting fairings; you are getting the expertise of a group of sports motorcycle lovers.

The fairing installation process is essential to ensure that your fairings fit seamlessly. If you encounter difficulties during installation, especially if your bike has been in an accident or fallen, we recommend checking your motorcycle's sub-frames and mounting points to ensure they are in good condition and correctly positioned. If issues persist, contact us with photos of the problem, and we will provide the guidance you need. Avoid forcing the fairings, as this can lead to damage.



Your Yamaha R6 from 2008 to 2016 deserves the best, and our Monster Fairing Kit from 12K MOTOR is the perfect choice to elevate your riding experience. Our fairings are designed to exceed your expectations with premium quality ABS plastic, precision OEM fitment, and a wide range of designs.

Our meticulous production process ensures that your fairings are of the highest quality and reach you in perfect condition. We offer colour-matching services to ensure your bike looks flawless, and our quality guarantee ensures peace of mind when you choose 12K MOTOR.

Upgrade your Yamaha R6 today with our Monster Fairing Kit and experience the difference. Ride in style and confidently – choose 12K MOTOR for all your fairing needs.

Note: 12K MOTOR is not an authorized dealer for Yamaha or any other motorcycle brand mentioned in this blog. Our products are aftermarket/replacement parts and not OEM.

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your Yamaha R6 with our Monster Fairing Kit from 12K MOTOR and hit the road in style!

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