Elevate Your Yamaha YZF R6 2006-2007 with the 12K Fairing Kit

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Elevate Your Yamaha YZF R6 2006-2007 with the 12K Fairing Kit

I. Overview

Introducing the 12K Motor Yamaha YZF R6 2006-2007 White FIAT Fairing Kit – a top-quality ABS plastic injection-molded OEM replacement fairing kit designed to transform and enhance the appearance of your motorcycle.

This aftermarket fairing kit not only ensures a precise fit but also offers a sleek and stylish look that will turn heads on the road.

II. Key Features


A. Quality Construction

  1. Top-Quality ABS Plastic: Crafted using premium ABS plastic through injection molding, ensuring durability and longevity.
  2. OEM Perfect Fitment: Pre-drilled precision guarantees a 100% fitment, providing a seamless integration with your Yamaha R6 2006-2007.


B. Compatibility

  1. Aftermarket Design: Specifically designed for Yamaha R6 motorcycles from the years 2006 to 2007.
  2. Complete Fairing Kit: Comes with 23 pieces, including all necessary panels, windscreen, and heat shield.


C. Design Options

  1. Wide Variety: 12K Motor offers a broad range of replacement fairing kits for Yamaha R6 2006-2007, ensuring there's a design for every rider's taste.
  2. Customization Available: If you don't find a design you like, contact 12K Motor at sales@12kgroup.com for custom paint options.


D. Warranty

  1. Guaranteed Fitment: The fairing kit comes with one of the industry's best guarantees for perfect fitment.
  2. Extra Warranty Options: Optional extra warranty can be purchased for extended coverage.


III. Fairing Kit Workshop Address


A. Fairing Components

  1. Complete Set: The fairing kit includes a full set of fairing panels and parts, all painted and decaled as shown in the provided photos.
  2. Variety of Panels: The set comprises front mudguard, front upper fairing, left and right sides, belly pan or lower side panels, and full rear duck tail fairing parts.
  3. Additional Parts: Some kits may include tank covers and rear seat cowls to match the overall fairing design.


B. Color Matching

  1. Inner Panels: Most fairing kits include smaller fill-in panels or inner black plastic panels to complement the entire fairing design.
  2. Windscreen and Heat Shield: The kit comes with a clear or black windscreen and a heat shield for added convenience.


C. Production Process and Time

  1. Stock Availability: Some variations of Yamaha R6 aftermarket fairings are stocked in Australian warehouses and the factory in China.
  2. Custom Designs: Since there are numerous design options and customization possibilities, most fairing kits are produced after receiving customer orders.


D. Extra Services

  1. Color Matching: 12K Motorbike Fairings endeavors to match colors based on provided photos or their experience. However, customers are advised on fuel tank repainting if color matching is critical.
  2. Fuel Tank Stickers: Fuel tank stickers are supplied for free when ordering aftermarket fairing kits.


IV. Quality Guaranteed Aftermarket Fairings


A. Premium Construction

  1. ABS Injection Moulding: 12K Motor Fairings are made using premium aftermarket ABS injection molding technology.
  2. Ultra Virgin Imported ABS Plastic: The use of high-quality ABS plastic ensures a fairing kit that is unparalleled in the market.


B. Installation Tips

  1. Ease of Installation: Aftermarket fairings from 12K Motor are designed for a 100% fitment, ensuring easy installation with no alterations or drilling.
  2. Expertise: With a team of motorcycle enthusiasts and mechanics, 12K Motor understands the intricacies of motorcycles, providing expert advice and support.


C. Production Process

  1. Steps Involved: The fairings undergo a meticulous process, including preparations, painting, graphics application, clear coat, checking, and thorough packaging.
  2. Customized Designs: Complex or customized designs may take additional time, and customers receive finished fairing photos for approval before shipping.

Investing in the 12K Motor Fairing Kit is the optimal strategy for enhancing the performance of your Yamaha YZF R6 manufactured between 2006 and 2007.

Equipped with an aftermarket fairing kit boasting diverse design choices, unwavering dedication to excellence, and precise installation, your motorcycle will undoubtedly become the coveted admiration of all fellow road users.

At 12K Motor, you may get everything you need, whether you like a conventional or distinctive appearance.

Upon completing your purchase today, you will discover an impeccable fusion of style, enduring craftsmanship, and an assurance of a flawless fit for your Yamaha R6.

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