Enhance Your Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) with Premium ABS Fairing Kits

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Enhance Your Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) with Premium ABS Fairing Kits

1. Introduction

One can enhance the aesthetic and tactile experience of their Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) motorcycle by acquiring a high-quality fairing kit. This method presents an excellent opportunity for personalising one's bicycle.

At 12K Motor, we take great pleasure in offering aftermarket fairing kits that exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship attainable. These kits exhibit not only an exceptional level of comfort and suitability but they also have remarkable durability and aesthetic appeal.

The utilisation of high-quality ABS plastic in fabricating our fairings is only one of the various methods employed to enhance the overall riding experience.

2. Premium Quality Fairing Kits for Yamaha R6 (2008-2016)

The collection of Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) fairing kits has been meticulously designed to guarantee a fitment that meets original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards and seamlessly integrates with your motorcycle.

All fairing kits offered are fabricated using the highest quality ABS plastic currently obtainable in the market. This was undertaken to achieve durability and resilience against physical deterioration.

3. Superior Features of Our Fairing Kits

  • The ABS plastic produced in our fairing kits is of exceptional quality, enabling them to endure the effects of regular usage.
  • Each fairing kit has 24 distinct components, ensuring a complete and expert installation experience by providing all necessary materials. The components above consist of a windscreen and a heat shield.
  • By utilising the custom drilling services provided by 12K Motor, it is possible to tailor the fairing kit designed for the Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) to accommodate individual preferences and fulfil special requirements.
  • The fairing kits we offer are meant to be compatible with your motorbike, as they are precisely manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This ensures a seamless and efficient installation process.


4. Diverse Design Options and Customization


In the realm of motorcycle design, it is widely recognised that affording riders the opportunity to manifest their individuality holds considerable importance.

As a response to this, we provide a wide range of design alternatives for our Yamaha R6 fairing kits, encompassing many visually striking colour combinations, notably including white, red, and black.

Our company offers customers the opportunity to enhance the unique aesthetic of their motorcycles through our custom painting services.

5. Expert Guidance and Support

At 12K Motor, we emphasise the quality of service and support offered to our customers, which signifies our dedication to achieving high standards. Evaluating various options for fairing can be a complex endeavour, necessitating carefully considering the available solutions.

Given our extensive expertise in this domain, we are well-equipped to provide valuable help. Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive assistance to address any enquiries or issues you may have.

This includes offering direction in selecting a suitable fairing kit and providing instructions on its installation tailored explicitly for the Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) model.

6. Seamless Production Process and Timely Delivery

We provide customers with a guarantee of a full refund if their fairing kit is not constructed within the shortest possible timeframe and with the highest level of accuracy.

To ensure the efficiency of our production process, it commences with thorough pre-production preparations, followed by the use of premium-grade materials during the painting phase, and culminates with a rigorous quality inspection before shipment.

Efforts will be made to expedite the delivery of your personalised fairing kit while also ensuring its impeccable condition, hence facilitating prompt commencement of your intended job.


7. Color Matching and Aesthetic Consistency


12K Motor puts significant effort into ensuring that the colour of your fairing kit matches the standard fairing initially included with your motorbike. This is done to meet the needs of customers who prioritise preserving a constant aesthetic appearance.

There is no need for concern if a precise colour swatch is unavailable; alternative methods, such as utilising photographs or relying on our expertise, can still yield a satisfactory colour match. The fairing kit will be custom-made to ensure optimal alignment with the motorcycle's design and colour scheme.


12K Motor is dedicated to delivering consumers with aftermarket fairing kits for the Yamaha R6 (2008-2016) that exhibit exceptional quality. These kits possess not only an aesthetically pleasing design but they also exhibit exceptional durability and straightforward installation.

Our company offers a wide range of design choices, personalised painting services, and professional guidance, all of which contribute to enhancing your riding experience and expressing your individualistic fashion sense.

By placing your confidence in 12K Motor, you will promptly realise the significant impact that superior quality and extensive expertise can have on a motorbike fairing endeavour.

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