The Complete Guide for Yamaha YZF R1 Yellow Flame Fairings, 1998–1999

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The Complete Guide for Yamaha YZF R1 Yellow Flame Fairings, 1998–1999


1. Introduction

The Yamaha YZF R1 manufactured between 1998 and 1999 functions as a means of transportation and represents your unique personal style and exceptional performance capabilities. We recommend acquiring our high-quality ABS plastic fairing kits with a striking yellow flame design to enhance your motorcycle. This handbook provides detailed information about our fairings, including their unique features and advantages, our manufacturing process, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.


2. The Power of Customization

Simultaneously operating your motorcycle, a custom fairing kit is an exceptional means to showcase your individuality. The highly conspicuous nature of our vibrant yellow flame pattern ensures that it will catch the attention of all observers, regardless of your location.

If you are not fond of flames, there is no reason to worry because we provide a wide range of patterns for you to choose from. Monster Fairings and Repsol Fairings are just two instances of timeless designs.

However, the potential is nearly limitless when it comes to customised creations inspired by your own ideas. Please forward your ideas to; we will diligently strive to transform them into tangible realities.


3. Precision Fitment, Guaranteed

You have to spend money to get aftermarket parts for your motorbike, and it is essential to ensure they fit right to avoid any problems.

So, we are happy to offer you Yamaha YZF R1 1998–1999 fairings that have already been drilled and are intended to fit perfectly and meet the standards set by the original equipment manufacturer.

Our fairings comprise fifteen parts, such as the windscreen, heat shield, belly pan, front mudguard, front upper fairing, side panels and back ducktail fairing. The installation process is straightforward, as all the necessary parts are included in one package.


4. Quality Materials, Superior Performance

Modern injection moulding methods were used on high-quality ABS plastic to make the fairings. This ensures that the essential qualities needed to handle the road tasks will be there, like being durable, flexible, and not easily worn down or damaged.

These fairings will make your bike last longer and look better, whether you are riding it on the road or at high speeds. We also promise that every fairing panel will meet the most excellent standards because we have a strict quality control process.


5. The Production Process Unveiled

What steps are taken to make our fairings, from the first idea to the finished product? The orders from customers are where things begin. Once we hear back from the bank that your payment is okay, we will start working on your online order immediately.

We have a wide selection of aftermarket Yamaha R1 fairings in stock at our warehouse and factory in Australia so that we can send them quickly.

After that, our skilled workers will carefully prepare and paint each fairing panel, ensuring the paint covers the whole surface, inside and out.

After that, they put on graphics, decals, and a clear coat to finish the process and ensure the end looks perfect.

Before they are packed up for shipping, all panels are carefully checked to ensure they will be in perfect condition when they get to their location.


6. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At 12K Motor, our primary goal is to ensure that all our customers are happy with our services. Because of this, we offer a warranty that fully ensures how well our fairings work with your bike.

If you need any help during the installation process, please contact our team of experts. If you reach out to us and send us pictures of the problem, we will offer you the best solutions to ensure they look suitable and fit right. We also offer a colour-matching service to ensure your Fender kit looks excellent with your bike.

After installing our yellow flame fairing kit on your Yamaha YZF R1, which was made between 1998 and 1999, you will enjoy a satisfying tactile feeling and a nice visual appearance.

Our fairings are the best choice for people who want to make their bikes look better. We put customer satisfaction first by using high-quality materials and ensuring our fairings fit perfectly. Please do not take advantage of this chance to get your own; try it yourself!

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