Unleash the Power of Your Yamaha R1 (2000-2001) with 12K Motor's Fiber Glass Race/Track Fairing Kit

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Unleash the Power of Your Yamaha R1 (2000-2001) with 12K Motor's Fiber Glass Race/Track Fairing Kit

When did you initially encounter the exhilaration of possessing a Yamaha R1? Was it in the year 2000 or 2001? If you desire to improve the calibre of your riding encounter, we recommend visiting 12K Motor, as we possess the necessary Fibre Glass Race/Track Fairing Kit to fulfil your needs.

This comprehensive blog post will meticulously evaluate a top-tier aftermarket fairing kit, thoroughly examining its characteristics, advantages, customisation possibilities, and exceptional artistry that distinguishes it from comparable items.

If you possess a Yamaha R1, prepare yourself to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to transform it into an exceptional vehicle tailored for athletes.


Elevate Your Yamaha R1 with 12K Motor's Fiber Glass Race/Track Fairing Kit


Unmatched and Perpetually Enduring Quality

The Fibre Glass Race/Track Fairing Kit we provide is constructed with a strong emphasis on superior quality. These fairings are meticulously built with meticulous attention to detail and are made from high-quality fibreglass, guaranteeing long-lasting durability.

These fairings are specifically engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of the race track. They incorporate carbon reinforcement in areas that experience high-stress levels, enhancing their overall strength.


Adaptable and unprocessed beauty

Resembling an empty canvas, the fairings' surface remains incomplete and eagerly awaits your individualised embellishment. Raw materials may possess inherent flaws, such as scratches or minor marks. Once the decision to customise is taken, the enchantment begins to unfold.

12K Motor offers a variety of accessories, such as a windscreen available in transparent or black options, windscreen bolts in various colours, and customisable seat cushions tailored to the customer's preferences. You can demonstrate your unique flair by utilising one of three types of fairing fasteners.


Assembly with Pre-drilled Holes

12K Motor offers a Fibre Glass Race/Track Fairing Kit that simplifies installing aftermarket fairings. This kit is available for purchase. The presence of pre-drilled holes dramatically facilitates and streamlines the installation of the fairings.

The presence of recesses in the mould facilitates the mounting of the fairings by providing pre-built holes for drilling. The kit also includes expedient fasteners, which are provided for additional convenience.


Comprehensive Package Offer

Upon purchasing this fairing kit, you will receive the individual components and additional items. The package includes all kit components, such as the front fender, upper body, lower body, stock tail, and accessory set (which consists of the windscreen, windscreen bolts, seat cushion, and various fairing fasteners).

All the necessary components to enhance the aesthetics and performance of your Yamaha R1 are conveniently consolidated in one place.

The 12K Motor Difference


Personalisation is available for your convenience, and I am here to assist you. 12K Motor acknowledges the existence of a direct relationship between your motorcycle and your identity. This manufacturer provides a diverse range of fairings, including options such as Monster, Repsol, Shark, and Rossi versions.

12K Motor is reliable and will assist whether you have a preexisting plan or seek information on other options. Instead of settling for a generic fairing, acquiring one that showcases your taste and preferences is advisable.


Customised Painting Services for Your Specific Event

If you are unwilling to undertake the task independently, the painters at 12K Motor can provide you with a polished and expertly executed outcome. Convey your colour and design preferences for your vehicle to the knowledgeable professionals at 12K Motor, and they will fulfil your desires.

The concluding stages of the fairing construction process involve preparing, painting, affixing graphics and decals, and ultimately applying a clear lacquer coating to ensure their durability.


Integrity and Customer-centric approaches in Methodologies

13K Motor highly values transparency and integrity. The manufacturer explicitly states that specific photographs featured on the website may not depict genuine products but serve as a representation or exhibition.

The company's commitment to providing clients with the most accurate information is demonstrated by its straightforwardness. Furthermore, the company explicitly states that they are not an authorised dealer for prominent motorbike manufacturers. This is done to guarantee that purchasers are informed that the products being sold are aftermarket.


The Production Process Unveiled

Are you interested in learning about the process of manufacturing a fibreglass racefairing kit for a track or racing car? Observe this exclusive preview of the 12-step manufacturing procedure now employed by 12K Motor:

  1. 12K Motor will thoroughly evaluate your order upon submission to guarantee that all of your specifications have been duly considered.
  2. Thorough preparations are carried out to prepare the fairings for painting the structure's interior and exterior. This procedure is the only way to produce a superior finish.
  3. Ensure that the graphics and decals you add possess an aesthetically attractive appearance. In order to guarantee the durability and attractiveness of the fairings, they undergo a process of applying a transparent coating, graphics, and decals.
  4. Ensuring the quality of the packaging: Before being dispatched from the facility, every panel gets a meticulous examination to identify imperfections, which are recorded through photographic documentation. Subsequently, we meticulously encase the fairings to guarantee their safe delivery to your residence.


Extra Services for Your Fairings


Achieving a precise colour match between a gasoline gas tank or OEM factory fairing panel can be challenging due to numerous factors. However, the colour matching service can be obtained at 12K Motor.

If you can supply a small custom part to their motorcycle fairing warehouse in Australia or their workshop in Sydney, they will endeavour to replicate the colour, provided that you pay the specified charges. This service highlights the brand's dedication to ensuring client pleasure.


Gas tank restoration services


For optimal alignment, 12K Motor advises painting the gas tank the same colour as the fairing kit. The expected cost of repainting a whole gasoline tank is disclosed to clients in Australia, where the company is based, to aid them in making an informed decision.Complimentary fuel tank stickers are provided with an aftermarket fairing kit from 12K Motor without any extra charges. This service is automated.

Quality Guaranteed Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairing Kits

12K Motor is well esteemed in high-quality aftermarket ABS injection moulding due to its exceptional inventions. The fairing kits stand out from other items on the market because they use ultra-virgin imported ABS plastic and a meticulously designed injection moulding technique.

Aftermarket fairings, as opposed to original equipment manufacturer (OEM), are significantly more convenient to install as they do not require drilling or modifications to the motorbike


Recommendations for the Installation and Configuration

Disassembling and reassembling an entire set of aftermarket fairings off a motorcycle is more challenging than it may seem. 12K Motor is cognisant of potential challenges and offers valuable information to ensure a smooth installation process.

Emphasis is focused on recycling original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fairing bolts, factory hardware, and black interior parts. This underscores the brand's commitment to enduring existence and excellence.

In the uncommon event of fitting issues, 12K Motor advises clients to inspect their motorcycles' sub-frames and mounting points thoroughly. The installation process may become more complicated if the fairing is misaligned due to damage caused by an accident or a fall.

Instead of trying to force the fairing into position, the company advises users to contact them and submit images of the problem. By prioritising the consumer, the fairing kit guarantees that all riders may access its benefits without compromising quality or safety standards.



If you were the owner of a Yamaha R1 manufactured in the years 2000 or 2001, acquiring the Fibre Glass Race/Track Fairing Kit from 12K Motor is highly recommended.

This is the final, although crucial, advice. 12K Motor is an innovative firm transforming the aftermarket fairing industry by providing premium products, customisable alternatives, and a client-centric approach.

Individuals seeking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their Yamaha R1, irrespective of their inclination towards racing, are suitable candidates for this fairing package.

Get ready to elevate your Yamaha R1 to the pinnacle of excellence in racing! Explore the 12K Motor website to find a diverse range of aftermarket fairing kits and accessories that may be used to personalise your motorcycle. Discover an unparalleled riding experience with the industry's leading experts!

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