Z300 2015-2019

12K Motor Motorcycle Fairings - Kawasaki Ninja 300 race fairings

We are providing the best quality motorcycle fairings in Australia for our loyal customers. We are the No.1 motorcycle fairings supplier in Australia. The Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle fairings include ninja 300 fairings, 2013 Kawasaki ninja fairings, 205 Kawasaki ninja 300 fairing kit, and 2014 ninja 300 fairing kit.

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All of our KAWASAKI Z300 2015-2019 motorcycle motorbike fairing kits come with complete set of fairing panels and parts‚ painted & decal same as per photo shown, to rejuvenate your motorbike. KAWASAKI Z300 2015-2019 motorbike fairing set comes with front mudguard, front upper fairing, left and right sides including belly pan or lower side panels, full rear duck tail fairing parts. Some of Honda fairing kit including tank cover and rear seat cowl as well to match the whole motorbike fairing design.

Most of our motorcycle motorbike fairing kits come with smaller fill-in panels or inner black plastic panels to match the whole fairing design. Much easier for you to refresh your whole motorcycle plastic fairing parts.

For your convenience, our KAWASAKI fairing kit set also comes with motorcycle fairing fitting bolts set, clear or black windscreen and heat shield. We guarantee 100% OEM fitment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via message if you are uncertain about parts and panels of your bike before making purchase.