Top 8 Motorcycle Fairing Kits set for US racing motorcycle enthusiasts

Motorcycle Fairing Kits for US motorcycle enthusiasts

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Further Info of OEM replacement motorcycle bodywork fairing kits:

Carbon Fibre Fairings

 This is the must have material for fairings. It’s light, strong and looks awesome. Most race bikes these days use carbon fibre due to its weight, but people put it on their road bikes because, well, it looks amazing.

Now carbon fibre is nice in small amounts, but covering your whole bike with it sometimes looks a bit silly. In my opinion change a few parts, your rear hugger, your indicators, maybe some other small bits, but not the whole bike. Also you need to consider whether you’re going to buy real carbon fibre, or whether you will wrap your bike.

Vinyl wrapping with carbon fibre is cheaper, but unless done well, will ruin the look of your bike.

Race Replica Fairings

Have you ever thought that your plain black Fireblade or R1 just simply isn’t flashy enough? Change the look of your fairings to match your favourite Moto GP race bike, or even choose your favourite childhood racer’s colours.

Make your bike your own, don’t feel like you have to stick with the same old boring colours that the factory spits out, and if you’re worried about resale value, then why not keep your old fairings? 

Wrap them up safe for when you sell the bike on, or in case you damage your new fairings. Remember, everyone loves a decent race replica.


These have long been an easy way to spruce up your tired looking bike for pennies. The good thing about decals is they can be removed and if they start to look tatty, you can just replace them. Some people even go as far as ‘sticker bombing’ their bike.

If you want your decals to last as long as possible, make sure you follow the guidelines on applying the stickers. If there are none, make sure you clean and dry the spot you wish to apply the decal, and make sure to remove all bubbles from under the decal.

To make them last even longer, spray over the decal with some clear lacquer, this will help make it resistant to petrol as well.


Vinyl Wraps

This is a cheap way of changing the entire colour scheme of your bike, or even just one or two panels that have been damaged. The wraps come in many different colours and designs and are easily applied to your motorcycle.

However, if done improperly they will not look very good. A main advantage of vinyl wraps is that they can be removed, and will somewhat protect your original paintwork from the elements.