How to Buy the Perfect Fairing Kit for Your Motorcycle ?

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If you know your motorcycles, you probably also know the importance of fairing kits. You may even have bought them before. But are you buying them the right way? Sure, you can go with your gut and buy for looks, but true riders no that their connection with their bike is not quite so superficial as just that. 

It’s a lot like choosing a romantic partner. Looks are important, but there needs to be a deeper connection. Are the fairings durable enough? Aptly aerodynamic? Are you buying from the right manufacturer?

There are lots of buying considerations that go into making this decision. You want to buy smart. We want you to buy smart also. 

That is why we have put this handy guide together for bikers of every level of experience (because after all, everyone can stand to learn something new about fairings, right?). 

So, without further ado, read on for a guide on how to buy the perfect fairings for your bike. 


Whom to buy from

The internet makes for a virtually limitless marketplace. If you can’t find it online it probably doesn’t exist. 

However, this also creates problems. How? Because not all sellers are reputable. It can be easy to get sucked into the potential of getting a great deal. 

After all, random websites are often the best place to find shockingly low prices on any product. 

But they are also known for ripping people off.  You probably wouldn’t buy any part for your bike off a random stranger on the side of the street, right?

So be similarly cautious online. If you don’t recognize a website, and can’t find any reputable information about them, you probably shouldn’t give them your money.

There are lots of cases of people getting knock offs, or otherwise damaged or ill-fitted fairings online. And the worst part?

There is no guaranteed source of customer service. If you buy from a bad actor, you are probably just going to have to eat the cost. You don’t need that sort of stress in your life. 

Buy from somewhere that is reliable. Even if it costs you a little bit more money, it will be well worth the investment. 



You want something that is going to be aerodynamic. Many fairings are made for show more than they are for any practical application. Which is fine for a certain type of biker, but not for the person that wants the best of all worlds. A product that looks good, and performs even better. 

Save eye candy for the screen saver on your phone background. Application is always going to need to come before appearance, and anyway, it will always be much more rewarding to have something that will help you to take full advantage of your motor anyway, right?

An aerodynamic design should definitely be a factor, but shape isn’t all that contributes to a fairings ability to cut through headwinds. Materials can also have an impact, so pay attention and be discriminate.

Fiberglass is a good, low-weight, adequately durable, aerodynamic material that is able to help you stand up to even tricky conditions. 

It will end up costing more most of the time, but then you pay for quality, right? 

Speaking of cost…



Told you we were speaking of cost. Obviously, price is going to be a consideration for any buying decision. And, like any product, you will find fairing options within pretty much every price range. 

Naturally, you know your budget, but there is one way to look at this consideration that most people don’t usually factor in. 

Value. It’s not enough for a product just to be cheap. It also needs to have staying power. If you buy something that isn’t fit to standing the test of time, it isn’t actually all that affordable after all, right?

The longer something lasts, the better deal it actually turns out to be. 

Buy a decent set of fairings, and you won’t have to incur expensive replacement costs anytime soon.


The Look

And yes. You should like the way that they look. Fairings started out being for performance, then they became so mainstream that people and manufacturers alike started using them for show. 

And that’s fine. Done right, they do look good. And they should reflect your personality as well, the same way that the rest of your bike does. 

But it is also important to know how to prioritize this consideration.  

If you want your fairings to reflect your personality there are lots of different ways to make it happen. If you are on a budget, you can always shop around until you find the perfect combination of value, style, and practicality. 

But if money is no object, you can always go the custom route and get something that will satisfy all of your expectations. 

Motorcycle fairing kits are diverse both in appearance, and application, so there really is something out there for every potential buyer. You just need to be patient enough to find it. 

Just never get something that looks prettier than it performs. Because really, what is the point?



Buying the right motorcycle fairings is an art form. Whether you are looking for extreme fairings, or something a little bit more moderate and pretty, the right option for you can be found with the right approach. 

You just need to be mindful. A few key considerations can ensure that you sift through the fairing kits with great success.

Invest a little bit of time into the process, and you will wind up with a set that performs just as good as it looks. 


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