How to remove and install new Honda CBR 1000RR Fairings?

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Removal and replacement of the Honda CBR Fairings can be done very easily. This guide is to help you with the removal of the fairings, to make it seem like a less daunting task.

Fairings removal

To remove the Honda CBR fairings, start by removing the two hex bolts on either side of the lower fairing with an allen key. Once all four bolts are removed the fairings may be removed by pushing it towards the rear of the bike.

Remove Main Fairings

To remove the main fairings, the nose cone cover above the front fender. Removing the plastic rivets does this. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the rivet in the middle, and either side, this panel can then be removed. This will then give you access to the fixings for the main fairings. 

There are then two screws on the inside of the main fairings, one near the bottom, and one near the top. These need to be removed. Then remove the allen bolt on the outer side of each fairing and the one by the handlebars. Finally, remove the screws on the inside of the panels on each side, and then the fairings can be removed.

Remove Nose Cone

To remove the nose cone, first undo all of the bolts holding the windscreen in place, and remove the mirrors, ensuring they are disconnected. Then remove the bolts holding the speedometer.

Once these have all been removed you can pull the nose cone away. To replace the nose cone ensure you remove all of the fittings inside of them, and transfer them to the new one.

Remove Tail

To remove the tail, start by removing the pillion and rider seats. Once this is complete you need to remove the seat strap and the four bolts on top of the rear seat panel.

Remove Seat Panel

Then the seat panel can be removed by sliding it towards the rear. Once this is complete, unplug the indicators, rear light and number plate light. Then you can remove the rear light by undoing the two screws holding it in place.

Remove Under Tray

Once this is done, remove the four M5 allen bolts and remove the under tray. There is then two Phillips screws holding the inner tool tray in place. Once this is done, you can remove the tail unit by pulling it towards the rear of the bike.

Remove Rear Hugger

To remove the rear hugger, simply undo the hex bolts, including the one under the rear shock absorber and slide it towards the rear of the bike, this will release it from the bike.

Remove Front Fender

To remove the front fender, undo the 6 bolts holding it in place, it can then be slid out between the forks. There is no need for the removal of the front wheel. 


Congratulations! You have now removed your old fairings. Take care when installing your new Monster Fairings and I suggest you lay your old fairings out against your new ones to ensure they are correct before installing, but also to ensure any fixings and fittings that need to be transferred are done at this point to save you more work along the way. Good luck!


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