How to find a good motorcycle fairing in Australia ?

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How to find a good motorcycle fairing in Australia ?

As several clients tell me, working with some fairing suppliers in Australia is highly frustrating.

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Either the product quality is poor, or the delivery time is frequently delayed for no apparent reason.

Some new sellers are dissatisfied and question me, "Why are the samples we received of such good quality and have received positive market feedback?"

However, when we are confident in our ability to complete an enormous task, the quality of the formal order is quite different from the sample.

It makes it difficult for us to progress.

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To avoid similar situations, you should first examine your company model and the industrial fairing chain in Australia.

Examine your market, the size of your company, and your expertise in the Australian market.

Your business will run well if you choose a supplier who closely fits your needs.

A typical tiny handicraft workshop is this type of factory.

The factory's administrators are mainly made up of family members.

The management is in disarray.

All information, including product models and price lists, is only available orally.

Working hours are constantly changing.

They take extensive vacations for some of the most important festivals and can never say when they will return to work.

There is no professional sales team or workshop painted.

The only unpainted fairing is supplied to domestic spray paint factories.

Not to domestic wholesalers or international clients.

Furthermore, because the rough surface of the compression mold fairing causes paint issues, employees must spend an additional 2-3 days smoothing the surface.

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As a result, we don't recommend that customers acquire such a fairing kit.

They excel in spray painting, and many colors and decals are available.

This factory usually completes the intricate system that the last factory failed to complete.

Because there is no substantial mold cost pressure, their product price is lower.

They concentrate on product technology and service, giving them significant quality and manufacturing time benefits.

I categorize the fairing vendors into two groups:

A professional sales team sells products directly to customers in other countries.

If you're a brand owner looking to increase your product portfolio.


A fairing kit factory is a perfect option if you're a distributor, major wholesaler, or even a retail behemoth.

Such a factory can meet you the most in terms of product quality, pricing, delivery time, payment terms, and service and can significantly assist you in promoting your business.

They offer the following benefits:

Excellent quality.

Painting quality is the decisive factor in fairing quality.

Over 90% of the fairing kit is of good quality if the painting quality is good.

A painting workshop is an ideal option if you have stringent product quality requirements.

So that you have complete control over every process.

And product flaws can be identified early on and avoided.

Please see our website's "quality control" page for information on maintaining production quality.

Colors and decals can be customized.

The color and decals determine if the fairing kit is attractive.

Minor color variations greatly influence the appearance of the motorcycle.

Consider the hue blue.

Light blue, conventional blue, SUZUKI original blue, dark blue, purple-blue, and pearl blue are all shades of blue.

Not every factory can execute the painting entirely according to your specifications.

And, based on the hue you require, create the most complimentary decals for you.

Furthermore, the decals produced by this type of manufacturing are the most comprehensive.

Jieshi Town boasts the best motorcycle fairing supply chain in the world.

Take our plant as an example: if we can't find the decals, I guarantee you won't be able to find them anywhere in Australia.


Good value.

The price of such factories has apparent advantages due to the enormous sale volume and lack of intermediate links.

Furthermore, because the town's supply chain is complete, transportation costs for all materials are significantly reduced.

Timely delivery is guaranteed.

Because all processes are completed in the plant, the production may be completed on schedule.

Unless there are force majeure circumstances (earthquake, flood, typhoon, and other natural factors).

Usually, the factory will accept orders based on its current manufacturing capability.

If this is not the case, shipping will take longer than usual. However, the buyer must be told before placing orders.

The most extraordinary after-sales service and a professional sales team.

Such a factory's sales team has expert industry and product training.

Furthermore, they have a solid awareness of customer needs due to frequent trips abroad.

And, from product design to service, it can better accommodate market preferences.

Customers can enjoy actual one-stop shopping with no worries. 12K has a large production capacity and a knowledgeable sales staff.


Our facility currently produces more than 40% of all painted motorcycle fairings sold. The market and many customers have confirmed the quality of our goods.


Furthermore, we excel at personal modification items. Customers who have worked with us at least once have maintained long-term relationships. They frequently work with domestic trading firms and sourcing agents.


Such factories have reasonable prices. Because wholesalers must get rid of these items, they are frequently sold at a discount. You should look at the product's logo to check if there is any trademark violation.

When purchasing overstocks, you will constantly come across the logos of previous customers.

Even though they are private labels, you should exercise caution because trademarked products may not always pass through customs smoothly. The best option is to avoid buying trademarked things or have your suppliers remove the logo for you.

Business is a long-term collaborative effort. Determine your company's place in the industrial chain and the kind of customers you service. Apart from finding a solid supplier who is a suitable fit for you, you will no longer have the troubles that other customers have had.

Only in this manner can your company grow gradually and quickly. This blog will undoubtedly assist you.

12K offers wide range of motorcycles fairings that include race bike and road bike.


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