What do you need to know about aftermarket fairings?

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If you are going to spend $500-$1000 on your new fairings, better spend 2 mins to read this article.

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Somethings about the aftermarket fairings.

We won't brag how good our products are, how terrible about our competitor’s products. We will tell the truth and let every rider have their own choices. Don't waste money, and spend on the correct place.

There are two types of aftermarket fairings.

1. Injection Moulding Fairings (New and popular models)

Basically, all injection aftermarket fairings are same quality. They are made by same ABS Plastic material. As we know, at least 80% of the aftermarket fairings are manufactured and supplied by one same company called ZXMT. (As you can see from inside of fairing panels)

The difference is the painting quality, packing and after-sales service.

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2. Pressure Moulding Fairings (Old motorcycle models)

For some unpopular model of fairings, you can find these fairings but they are made by Pressure moulding fairings.

For this type of fairings, they probably made by different factory. Of course, the quality and fitment are varied neither. 


Installation and Fitment about two types of fairings.

Please don’t worry about the fitment of Injection fairings. Because they are basically perfect fitment, there will be some details that you can fix before you install them. (Tap and clips), mainly fitment is guaranteed.

If you cannot install your fairings correctly, better check your motorcycle frame, or find the reasons from your original fairings.

If you are trying to install a pressure moulding fairings perfectly, you will need some handy skills, otherwise go get a motorcycle mechanic to help you.

To be honest, the aftermarket fairings are definitely not as great as OEM fairings. OEM fairing kit set are always best, and absolutely perfect fitment and perfect paint job.

Any seller who is saying their aftermarket fairings are same or better than OEM fairing kits, please stay away from this seller.


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