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DUCATI 848 Race Fairing (1098/1198Fairing Kit) Black

Ducati 848 race fairings design can be adapted to fit the Ducati 1098 and 1198 by adding a fibreglass track fairing set. The 12k fibreglass race fairing kit is a track fairing of high-quality construction and is carbon kevlar reinforcement in the areas where they are required to be.

Additionally, it is a perfect fitting. Because the fairings for the Ducati 848/1098/1198 already have an ABS gel-coat finish, they will need to be sanded before the primer, base colour coat, and precise coat application. All of them are eligible to compete in their respective categories, except a few Ducati models that do not have a belly pan. 

They are versatile enough to be used at any competition level and are frequently used on track days and races. In addition to that, you can use them in any contest you enter.


Model: 848/1098/1198
Year: 2007-2012


  • Full Fairing Kit Panels
  • Free Bolts Set (Spare fairing bolts only)
  • Windscreen
  • Heat Shield


Our company is responsible for developing various original and distinctive designs for Ducati track fairings.

If none of the patterns on our website strike your fancy, please contact email sales@12kgroup.com to place an order for a personalised painting.

We can paint whatever it is that you can imagine!

DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 01


Race fairing kits are available for purchase from 12k Motorcycle Race Fairings. These kits can be installed on race bikes and superbikes manufactured by Honda, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, and Aprilia.

These 12K glass fibre race fairings are manufactured using a brand of fibreglass that is known for its high quality but is also very reasonably priced.

Due to this modification, all of the fairings' mounting points have been fortified with Kevlar, which contributes to the overall increased durability.

Tank Cover: Please note that the race fairing bodywork kit for any vehicle that is not a Honda does not include the tank cover. This restriction applies to all vehicles.

Only Honda breaks this rule; all other cars strictly adhere to it.

We can provide you with a tank cover when we purchase our product so that you can experiment with the myriad ways our product can be personalised.

We recommend only using the tank cover when you need to match the design or when your fuel tank is broken. This is because the tank cover isn't necessary and because using it will damage the paint on the fuel tank.

The tank cover leaves scratches on the fuel tank's painted surface.

How much does it cost to buy just one component of the accessory itself?

(A complete set will cost you 80 dollars)

Windscreen: AUD 40

Fastener set: AUD 25

Windscreen bolts: AUD 15

If you want to buy Seat Foam, it will cost you twenty Australian Dollars.

In Sydney, Australia, at our warehouse and workshop, we can perform inspections of 12K race fairings, but you will need to schedule an appointment in advance.

If you require further assistance, please use this link to get in touch with us.

race fairing Kevlar enforcement on all mounting pointsRACE FAIRING HEAD NOSE FOR DUCATI 1199RACE FAIRING HEAD FAIRING PAINTED FOR DUCATI 1199

Please be aware that 12Kmotor.com.au is not an authorised dealership for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, or BMW. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Fibreglass is used to create the fairings included in race fairing kits, also referred to as track fairing kits.

We can create virtually any well-known design, including, but not limited to, Monster fairings, Repsol fairings, Shark fairings, Rossi fairings, Camel fairings, West fairings, Tricolor fairings, Red Bull fairings, OEM design fairings, Ninja fairings, Lucky Strike fairings, and Rizala fairings, to name a few.

A confirmation email will be sent to you from 12k Motor Store as soon as your order has been placed. 

After we have confirmed that the payment has been received and processed, we will get started on your order.

The amount of time required to complete each stage of the production process, includes the following steps:

Make sure that we completely understand the specifics of your order, including any special instructions or requirements you may have.

Get ready to paint the fairings on your motorcycle, and then do what needs to be done.

You are getting ready to give the fairings on your motorcycle a new coat of paint.

To create a durable and long-lasting finish on your fairing kit, you can add graphics, decals, and a clear coat in addition to the stickers already there.

Before carefully packing each panel, you must ensure that the fairings on your motorcycle are in good shape, and then you must take pictures of them.

We will need to take additional steps to accommodate your request to alter the style or colour of an item that you have purchased from us.

To guarantee that the one-of-a-kind fairing design will function properly and adequately satisfy all of your requirements.

DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 01DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 02DUCATI 848 Fairing Kit  03DUCATI 848 Fairing Kit  02DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 03DUCATI 848 Fairing Kit  04


  • Windscreen-Clear/Tinted/Black Windscreen (Double Curve Injection Mold Finish Or Press flexible finish)
  • Windscreen Bolts-Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue.

Windscreen bolts for race fairing kitWindscreen bolts for race fairing kit

  • Seat Foam (Race Tai Only)- Precut (1.5 or 2.0 cm think) Or Square (34x34 CM -1.5 or 2.0 cm thick)


square race fairing kit seat foamsquare race fairing kit seat foam

  • Fairing Fastener Set (8x Fasteners)- D Ring Fasteners and No Ring Fasteners

D Ring Fasteners for fiberglass race fairing kitD Ring Fasteners for fiberglass race fairing kitD Ring Fasteners for fiberglass race fairing kitNo Ring Fasteners for fiberglass race fairing kitNo Ring Fasteners for fiberglass race fairing kitNo Ring Fasteners for fiberglass race fairing kit

What if you don't tell us what kind of accessories you want within 24 hours of making your purchase?

In that case, we will send you a clear injection windscreen, black windscreen bolts, 1.5 cm pre-cut seat padding, and D-ring Fasteners because these are the most popular options.

If you don't tell us what accessories you want, we will send you a clear injection windscreen, black windscreen bolts, 1.5 cm of seat padding that has already been cut, and D-ring Fasteners.

How to place an order and how it will be sent

Every 12K Motor race fairing kit is sent to customers worldwide by EMS Express, and buyers are given a tracking number to keep an eye on their package.

Unpainted: About two to three weeks business days after placing your order, your race fairing kit will be sent to you, so you have time to paint it.

Painted: The painted fibreglass race fairing kit will be sent to you about four to six weeks after you place your order.

The design will determine how long it takes to finish the painting.

There is insurance on every shipment in case it gets damaged on the way shipping Australia.



Pre-drilled Holes

"Do those fairings already have holes drilled in them?" is one of the most common questions. To answer your question, the 12k motor race fairing does not come with mounting holes that have already been drilled.

It would help if putting a race fairing kit on a street motorcycle wasn't too hard. Regarding making fairings for motorcycles, 12K motor can help people in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The whole country of Australia knows that our motorcycle fairings are of high quality because a motorcycle was already broken before it crashed.

As a result, the mounting points might look a little bit different. So, we don't pre-drill our fairings before putting them together.

Since the mount points we use are a little different from the holes in the fairings, the holes in the fairings are a little smaller.

Because of it, you will be able to make some changes. Spreading the holes out in the final mounting spot gives you more room to move, which is helpful.


"No, not always" is the first thing that comes to mind in response to this question.

Many other factors affect how well race glass fibre fairings fit. Here are some of them:

One example is a motorcycle that broke while it was being shipped, either by accident or because it moved around.

As has already been said, the holes for mounting are not already made. This means that the mounting points can be changed so that the fairings fit the bike perfectly.

But this isn't true for all of them; only a few can be easily changed to fit right.

After a few times riding the motorcycle, the glass fairing will start to heat up and cool down.

It will make it much easier to take the fairing panels off and put them back on the next time they need to be done. This is because it will make the panels "set" where they are attached, making it harder at first to move them.

Putting something in place is similar to painting.

We can paint and instal your fairings for you, so you don't have to do it yourself. We paint race fairings professionally and at a price that most people can afford.

If you need help painting, email us your ideas for designs and any other requests you might have. Stickers and pictures of colour swatches must be attached.

We offer towing and installation services at our Rydalmere store. You are welcome to use these services if you live in the greater Sydney area.

DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 01DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 02DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 03DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 04DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 05DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 06DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 07DUCATI 848 Race Fairing 08

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