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---AU STOCKING---Fit Suzuki GSXR GSX-R 1000 2007 2008 Lucky Strick Fairing Kit

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2007 - 2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 Lucky Strick Fairing

Genuine Suzuki 2007–2008 GSXR 1000 Lucky Strick Fairing System, Anti-lock Braking System, and Engine Guard (Injection Molded).

Original Equipment Manufacturer is the abbreviation for OEM. The original equipment manufacturer is represented by the abbreviation OEM in this topic.

Because the holes in our replacement components have already been drilled to the exact dimensions specified by the original equipment manufacturer, we can assert that they will fit.


Model: GSX-R 1000
Year: 2007-2008


  • Full Fairing Kit Panels
  • Free Bolts Set (Spare fairing bolts only)
  • Windscreen
  • Heat Shield

    12K Motor GSXR 1000 Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings

    12Kmotor.com.au is not an authorised dealer for any of the brands it stocks, even though we are just as enthusiastic about motorcycles as anyone else.

    We focus on the aftermarket to avoid competition with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

    Our company's specialised fairings are known as the Blue Design Kit and are compatible with the Suzuki GSXR 1000 from 2009 to 2016. 

    Our organisation manufactured these fairings. Because we can paint anything, please get in touch with us at sales@12kgroup.com if you are having problems finding a design you like.

    An industry-leading quality guarantee accompanies your purchase of a GSXR 1000 fairing kit.



    Pearl White Fairing is a complete 2007 - 2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 Lucky Strick Fairing. It consists of painted and decal-adorned fairing panels and accessories.

    The standard fairings on a Suzuki GSXR 1000 consist of the front mudguard, the upper fairing, the left and right lower panels, and the rear duck tail fairing.

    In addition to the upper panels, this set also includes the below ones. To put the icing on the cake, we will add the complete duck tail fairing that will bolt to the rear of your vehicle.

    Suzuki's aftermarket fairing package for sale contains a fuel tank cover and a rear seat cowl. This was done so that the motorcycle's overall appearance could be preserved.

    2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 01

    2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 02

    Aftermarket Suzuki Motorcycle Fairings

    In addition to the required hardware, motorcycle fairing kits typically include extras such as inner black plastic panels and wide filler panels.

    As you will see in a moment, these panels are constructed from plastic. Considering most motorcycle fairings are constructed of plastic, it is simple to repair any damaged components.

    Fairing Kit in Pearl White for the 2007-2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 Lucky Strick. There are both transparent and opaque black heat shields and windscreens available.

    Original manufacturer-made replacement components are guaranteed superior quality (OEM).

    Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you have any questions about the components and panels of your bicycle.

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    Fairings Production Process and Time

    You will be notified when the 2007-2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 Lucky Strick Fairing is available for shipment from our Sydney warehouse or China facility. 

    This could take between a few days and several weeks. YAMAHA manufactures and distributes approximately 12,000 aftermarket fairing kits and components annually, most of which are shipped to Australia.

    Due to the enormous diversity of motorcycle manufacturers, model years, and personal tastes, we can only maintain a limited number of aftermarket fairing kits at any moment.

    By purchasing the 12K MOTOR Road Fairings Kit, also known as the Street Fairings Kit, these ABS fairings are included at no additional cost (ABS Plastic Material).

    Separate fibreglass components are used to manufacture race fairing kits, also known as track fairing kits.

    Numerous manufacturers have utilised numerous fairing designs throughout the years, including Monster fairings, Repsol fairings, Shark fairings, Rossi fairings, Camel fairings, West fairings, Tricolor red bull fairings, Red Bull fairings, OEM design fairings, Ninja fairings, Lucky Strike fairings, Rizala fairings, and many others. 

    Several different names have known these coverings. After that, your credit card transaction at 12k Motor Shop, where you purchased using that card, was successful.

    Production will commence as soon as we get the full payment you owe us. In the following paragraphs,

    • The time necessary to build a fairing, as well as its constituent parts, is described.
    • To process the order, it must conform to the specified requirements. 
    • Before the motorcycle may be driven, the fairings must be painted and in a state of readiness for installation.
    • In addition to clear lacquer, stickers, graphics, and decals will help you get the customised appearance you desire for your fairing package.
    • Stickers by themselves will not suffice.
    • Your motorbike fairings must be thoroughly examined, photographed, and wrapped before shipment.
    • If you have a specific colour scheme or pattern in mind for the final product, we will need to take additional steps to guarantee that it effectively fulfils your specifications.


    Typically, aftermarket fairing kits are created and shipped to clients within ten to fifteen days of placing an order. 

    Much more time is required to fabricate a fibreglass race fairing kit or one specifically designed and produced for racing.

    You will require additional time if you wish to modify the product's colour scheme, design, or other components while it is still in creation.

    You always have the option to make modifications, regardless of whether you're looking for something more closely matches your preferences or is more involved than the default option.

    Before we ship the kit, we will email you photographs of the completed fairings for your approval.

    Extra services for fairings





    Fairings Color Matching

    If you give a colour sample or an image of the desired colour, 12k Motorbike Fairings will attempt to match it as closely as possible.

    It's okay if you still need to find the ideal tone; we'll do all possible to accommodate your preferences.

    When you order a fairing kit from us, we will inform you how closely it resembles the one originally installed on your motorcycle.

    Owing to the minimal colour difference between the OEM fairing kit and the 12k motor fairing kit, some individuals will likely choose the OEM fairing kit rather than the 12k motor fairing kit (Or fuel tank).

    Refinishing the tank or acquiring a replacement manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are both possible options (OEM).

    If you adhere to this recommendation, you should achieve the intended results. In Australia, refinishing a gas tank can range between $250 and $400, depending on the paint quality and colour chosen.

    Obtaining a paint colour that is virtually comparable to the original in a short period is feasible and considerably less expensive.

    You will not be charged extra for our gas tank stickers when you purchase our aftermarket fairing kit.



    12K MOTOR-Quality Guaranteed Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairing Kits

    ABS injection moulding is one of the most critical processes in manufacturing 12K Car Fairings, as it creates a replacement component of higher quality than the one intended to replace.

    We could design and manufacture a high-quality fairing kit by combining our in-house injection moulding capabilities with ABS imported from another nation.

    Each of our kits is supplied fully assembled, so you won't have to perform any further work to get it ready for usage, not even cutting or drilling.

    Whether or not this is the case, we are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase and offer a satisfaction guarantee for the total price of your transaction.

    Before we can install the new fairings that you ordered for your motorcycle, we must first remove the existing ones.


    Although aftermarket fairing systems offer a magnificent appearance, taking them apart and reassembling them is significantly more complicated than you might think.

    If you can recall the exact locations of the nuts, clips, and rubbers from the last time you replaced the fairings, you can recall their specific positions.

    Several of our employees have worked in the motorcycle industry for at least ten years, and our technicians are avid riders in their own right.

    Riding motorcycles is a habitual activity that requires little thought. For this reason, we consider it a type of recreation. 

    Due to the scope and complexity of our research, we were required to analyse a vast array of alternative aftermarket fairing kits.

    These kits are designed to work with a range of motorcycle makes and models. 

    This guarantees that our fairing kit will fit flawlessly during installation. A group of motorcyclists united by their similar enthusiasm for racing nationwide. 

    Use the bolts and any other black components or hardware that come with your motorcycle fairing kit.

    You can replace the existing black hardware with any other internal components. Installing a motorbike fairing kit is different from constructing a rocket ship, even if it is doubtful that you will need our assistance.

    • Before installing the new fairing on your motorcycle, you must inspect the condition of the existing connection points and pinpoint their exact locations.
    • This may occur, for example, if the mounting points or subframes of the vehicle were compromised.
    • Consider the possibility of tripping or stumbling over anything, for instance. 
    • You have enquired and researched every imaginable area but have not located anything that would prevent the fairing kit from being installed.
    • You must immediately cease your current activity and make contact with us.
    • Please send us photographs so we can better comprehend what you're experiencing and be of more support.
    • If you attempt to install the car's fairing, you risk causing it damage.

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    We look forward to seeing your photos showing our fairing kits on your motorcycle.

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